Initiative for Peace

Dear fellow human beings, ladies and gentlemen,

The above print file can be downloaded and printed as a bill, poster, etc., or it can be used as a setting copy for a printing company here.

Format: 264 x 200 cm (width x height) or 132 x 100 cm or 66 x 50 cm, respectively.

Place the posters everywhere it is possible and allowed by law, therefore at information stands, in public spaces, in the private area, etc. It is important that the SYMBOL for PEACE is spread worldwide and starts acting in the consciousness of the human beings.

Explanation of the true Peace Symbol.

Please translate this call in as many languages as possible and share it on Facebook, in the media, by e-mail, etc.!

The print file can be found here and here.

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Thank you very much.

Achim Wolf, Germany

Original article on They Fly